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Virtual Yin Yoga Workshop

$15 per classFrom $15 per visit with Virtual Yin Yoga Workshop passPurchase required to enroll
Yin Yoga is a practice we can all benefit from in a world that is so full,
stimulating, and leans towards the Yang. It is a slow, inward practice that is
deeply nourishing and often results in blissful feelings, stress reduction and
improved immune function. The Yin tissues of our body (ligaments, tendons
and fascia) needs to be gently pulled and compressed in order to stay healthy
and supple, these tissues have low fluid content and take time to respond,
that is why we hold the postures for long periods of time (3 up to 7 minutes!).
This allows for greater flow of chi or energy into our joints, increasing
circulation, mobility and flexibility in our body. Together, lets spend some time
slowing down through our movement, and to experience deep stretches as
well as some graceful release of tension and emotions.