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Birth Chart Basics

$45 per classFrom $45 per visit with Birth Chart Basics passPurchase required to enroll
You probably know your “sign” and may or may not relate much to what you know about it. In this workshop, we will go way beyond your sun sign, and reveal all of the planetary positions from the moment of your birth. These positions in the sky fall within certain zodiac signs, each with their own vibrational energy and frequency. The astrological location of planets and galactic bodies create a chart that will be different for each person. We will use templates and worksheets along with basic explanations of the fundamentals of astrology to get a clearer understanding about your personal energy mix, as explained by your birth chart. You will leave with a good grasp on the qualities of your big 3 signs - your sun, moon, and rising - and how to use these qualities to live your best life. Please come with your birth information (place, date, and time), your phone, and any questions. Wear any clothes you’d like, we won’t be doing yoga, just talking, connecting, and learning.